Avast Secure Browser Review

avast Secure Browser is a privacy-focused browser that includes additional security and privacy features. Its built-in ad-blocker and anti-tracking and anti-phishing tools make it safer to browse the internet. Bank Mode ensures your security when you are shopping or performing online banking. It also hides your typing to protect your data safe from keylogging and eavesdropping malware. The browser is also compatible with Avast Free Antivirus.

Avast Secure Browser may look like Chrome at first when you open it. This is because the browser is based on Chromium. The homepage features search bars as well as the ability to add shortcuts for websites to it. The browser also has an adblocker feature that utilizes the uBlock plugin to effectively block ads that are not needed on websites. You can select from three https://www.avfunclub.net/remove-avast-safezone different ad-blocking settings including Balanced, Essential and Strict. Strict offers the best protection but it could cause some websites to not load properly. You can add websites to the list of exclusions if you don’t want to see ads on the site or if adblocking causes rendering issues.

Avast Secure Browser Pro also comes with a number of additional extensions that you can install. This is an excellent way to modify the browser and enhance its functionality. The browser lets you transfer bookmarks and history across platforms including mobile devices.

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